Babyland Renewal Initiative

Evergreen Cemetery Association of Gainesville, Inc. is now in the process of trying to place simple memorials on these unmarked graves. We welcome the help of the community in recognizing the short lives of the smallest among us.
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About Evergreen Cemetery

n February of 1856, the ground now known as Evergreen Cemetery received its first burial from the newly named community of Gainesville, Florida. The infant daughter of a well-to-do cotton merchant and landowner James Tilatha Thomas and his second wife, Elizabeth Jane Hall Thomas, died at the age of 10 days. They laid her to rest in a place of serene natural beauty beneath a young cedar tree, roughly in the center of vast acreage...

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“At first glance, the idea of graveyard tourism may seem ghoulish. But for visitors who seek out headstones, this sort of destination travel is about more than death and grief-seeking. It can be a form of entertainment and inspiration, a history and architecture lesson, a cultural appreciation course, a genealogical journey and a source of relaxation.” Travel Section 10/30/09

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